Civil and industrial demolition

General Smontaggi has a 30-year tradition in the demolition sector, both in civil and industrial contexts that require complex working techniques.


All our work is first subjected to an accurate design study phase, carried out by company technical experts, who, through careful analysis and precise and detailed planning of the operations, define the most appropriate and suitable demolition technique in relation to the type of structure to be demolished, its location and the safety requirements imposed by the specific context.

General Smontaggi approaches its work with great professionalism and in order to achieve the best possible results, from the demolition of large industrial complexes to the demolition of major oil hubs.

The demolition of works, the dismantling of industrial plants, the complete demolition of buildings with special equipment and with the use of explosives, the cutting of reinforced concrete structures, demolitions in general, including the collection of waste materials, their separation and eventual recycling, are General Smontaggi's strong point, which together with the company's organisational capacity in providing highly qualified personnel and technologically advanced means, to the design study, in order to minimise the impact on the surrounding environment and in compliance with execution times, are necessary prerequisites for successful execution of the work.

Demolition activities entail the combination of highly specialised skills, technical and specific equipment, authorisations and certifications, all of which General Smontaggi possesses.