Demolition with explosive micro-charges

Behind a few seconds that determine the demolition of often imposing and old-fashioned structures, there are months of in-depth studies, graphic simulations and the realization of engineering projects, developed within the company and fundamental for a perfect execution.

From the activities preventive the abatement, to the study of position of the charges, to the setting of the timing of execution, General Smontaggi takes care of the study of every phase, every detail, comprised the interaction with the environment and the surrounding activities.

This demolition technique involves controlled collapse using explosive micro-charges.

The term "controlled demolition" means all the practices applied in order to obtain the partial elimination or complete demolition of structures and buildings seriously damaged, considered obsolete or whose construction has been vitiated by building abuse.

The demolition of the Punta Perotti ecomostro in Bari and the Blue Residence in San Giuliano Milanese, the demolition of Hall 20 of the Milan Fair (the largest demolition with micro charges occurred in the urban area in Europe), these are some of the interventions performed by our company.