Environmental reclamation

Environmental remediation carried out by General Smontaggi is a fundamental activity for the cleaning up of areas contaminated with hazardous elements such as asbestos, waste, and pollutants. The company is committed to reducing the concentrations of these substances in the soil, subsoil, and groundwater, in order to preserve the environment and public health.

Environmental remediation: safeguarding the environment and public health

Remediation of contaminated sites is an essential activity for restoring high-quality standards in these areas. The regulations on the remediation of contaminated sites classify interventions into three categories: in-situ, ex-situ on site, and ex-situ off-site. General Smontaggi is capable of managing even the most complex interventions in the sector, from waste management to collaboration with regulatory bodies to ensure compliance.

Remediation interventions: elimination of pollution sources

The company deals with the remediation of various types of polluting materials, including asbestos, ceramic fiber, mineral fiber, and process fluids residues. The types of intervention vary depending on the nature of the material and its location.

Remediation of contaminated sites: restoration of high-quality standards

In summary, General Smontaggi stands out for its experience and expertise in environmental remediation, which allows for the recovery and requalification of compromised areas, ensuring compliance with regulations and the protection of the environment and public health.