Leading company in the field of Decommissioning,
is one of the leading civil and industrial demolition companies in Europe.


Founded in 1984, it began its activity in the field of industrial demolition and dismantling, over time has expanded its offer of services such as the reclamation of industrial areas from asbestos and process residues, soil decontamination, subsoil and groundwater and the resolution of problems related to waste disposal and recycling, expanding its fields of intervention in the field of study, design and construction of excavations and construction, decommissioning of nuclear plants.

The recovery of disused industrial areas, the birth of new city poles and the growing attention to the environment sees General Disassembly increasingly involved in the field of decommissioning and in the activities of territorial reconversion, environmental requalification, reclamation and waste disposal.

Innovation, improvement and continuous updating are the Company’s strengths.

General Smontaggi in carrying out its activities ensures competence and reliability thanks to a continuous training on safety provided to its workers and a continuous investment in cutting-edge technology and machinery.

General Smontaggi is constantly committed to:

  • understand the needs of its customers and plan its activities to meet them fully;
  • comply with the requirements and requirements of the relevant market and the country in which it operates by complying with laws and regulations;
  • continuously monitor their processes;
  • to constantly reduce the environmental impact due to the development of its production processes;
  • make available to its employees the training and information tools necessary or appropriate to the improvement of services, environment and security;
  • the pursuit, maintenance and continuous improvement of the safety of workers and the protection of their health at the workplace.

General Smontaggi, as a result of the diversified activities, is divided into functional sectors which, while maintaining technical and market autonomy, can be activated in close coordination to address and solve multidisciplinary problems and close the technical chain of processing as well as take responsibility for the overall intervention.

The ability to deal with large-scale works also allows for large economies of scale and substantial savings in the timing of execution of complex works.