Decommissioning nuclear installations

General Smontaggi has taken the first steps in the decommissioning of nuclear plants at nuclear power plants in Italy.

The purpose of dismantling a nuclear installation is to bring about the complete dismantling of a nuclear installation by removing all constraints due to the presence of radioactive materials and returning the site for other uses.

Decommissioning of a nuclear power plant requires specific precautions, starting with decontamination of personnel and equipment.

In relation to this, General Smontaggi has invested in specific resources to operate in this sector and the first results came with the acquisition of three large contracts with SOGIN, as follows:

  • Executive design and execution of demolition of the blowing carcasses at the Nuclear Power Plant of Latina;
  • Construction of areas for material storage and demolition of buildings at the Trino Nuclear Center;
  • Scarification and demolition of the current chimney and construction of a new chimney at the Garigliano Nuclear Power Plant.

In recent years SOGIN has invested more and more resources to activate more massive dismantling of Italian nuclear plants.