Demolition of infrastructure

The construction of the high-speed line "Torino/Milano" has allowed General Smontaggi to outline its specialization in the demolition of viaducts, overpasses and bridges, using different techniques depending on the type of activity to be addressed and the characteristics of the artifacts.

For the execution of demolition of motorway infrastructure, General Disassembly uses the following methods of demolition:

  • traditional demolition using excavators equipped with specific state-of-the-art equipment;
  • abatement with micro charges;
  • mechanical demolition by means of radio-controlled means;
  • deconstruction of the beams of the decks.

The respect of the timing, often restricted in the demolition of overpasses over other infrastructures in full operation, the synchronism and coordination of operators and vehicles are the strengths recognized by General Disassembly.