Environmental reclamation

Environmental remediation plays a strategic role for General Disassembly, from the rehabilitation of areas contaminated by harmful elements such as asbestos, waste and anything that can generally damage the environment and man.

General Smontaggi performs environmental remediation to eliminate sources of pollution, pollutants and reduce the concentrations of the same present in the soil, underground and groundwater, with the aim of protecting the environment and public health, allow to recover and retrain areas compromised by covering.

The reclamation of polluted sites plays a very fundamental role, allowing the restoration of contaminated sites in order to bring them back to high quality standards.

The legislation on the remediation of contaminated sites provides for the classification of interventions in three different categories:

  • In-situ interventions: without handling or removal of soil.
  • Ex-situ on site interventions: with handling and removal of materials and polluted soil, but with treatment in the site area and possible reuse.
  • Ex-situ off-site interventions: handling and removal of materials and polluted soil outside the site, to start materials in authorised treatment plants or in landfill.

General Smontaggi takes charge of the most complex interventions in the sector, from waste management and all the authorization procedures to be followed with control bodies and guarantees all the skills to operate well in compliance with a complex regulation and constantly updated.

From the reclamation of insulation containing asbestos, ceramic fiber and mineral fiber, to the reclamation of fluid residues of processes and soil and subsoil reclamation, the types of intervention are many and vary depending on the nature of the pollutant material and its location.