Excavations and earthmoving

Excavation and earthmoving activities represent the initial phase of almost all building interventions, but they are often considered minor works and include all those interventions that affect the reality of the soil of an area, changing its characteristics.

For General Smontaggi the fundamental element in the management of a digging and/or earthmoving activity is the correct planning of the same, detailed evaluation of the works to be carried out, making available of machines, compliant means, equipment and working methods and use of appropriate collective and individual means of protection;

Proper management of excavation lands is essential in order to avoid technical, operational and legal problems that could generate delays in compliance with time.

The continuous evolution of the legislation on excavated earth and rocks underlines a permanent attention on the issue and need for updates and specific professionalism for this sensitive topic.

The management of excavation and earthmoving activities requires a precise administrative control of the practices, involvement of different bodies depending on the type of intervention, a proper preparation of the site with strong attention to safety conditions and situations surrounding the site, and the need for an important "working intelligence" to ensure the identification and traceability of materials and offer a quick and often in partnership with other parties in the pipeline.

General Smontaggi has for many years carried out technical-administrative management, excavation and relocation of materials up to significant quantities.